Small Construction Companies Can Benefit from Equipment Financing

construction equipment financing can help with your business and may be right for you. It’s a Catch 22 – small companies need equipment to grow their businesses but often lack the capital necessary to obtain the equipment.  This is exactly why so many small companies are exploring the world of equipment financing.  Although there are numerous advantages for small companies to lease or finance their equipment, there is also a wide range of financing plans so it is important to look around for the best options.  How can small companies benefit from equipment financing?

Traditional Lenders

While traditional lenders require a down payment to finance construction equipment, many equipment financing companies do not.  Therefore, it’s a wise business decision to use a financing company that waives the down payment.  Think of the possibilities!  Instead using precious capital for a large down payment, the capital becomes available for other areas of your business, such as advertising, equipment, or personnel.

Startup Companies

Startup companies particularly benefit from equipment financing.  By financing equipment, you can significantly reduce the risk that comes with starting a new company.  Financing also provides more time to build your company and profits.  Once the company reaches its projected profitability, you can then determine the best route to follow regarding financing or purchasing equipment.


The financing company can also serve as a valuable adviser.  Financing companies have extensive experience in the construction industry and their employees are extremely knowledgeable.  Therefore, it’s a great idea to take advantage of the company’s knowledge and work together as a team to identify the best financing solutions for your company.  Consider the financing company as a consultant who can guide you through the process of equipment financing.

National Advance Group has the resources, flexibility, and expertise to ensure that your company obtains the equipment financing plan that best meets your needs.  We would love to assist you in selecting the optimal financing plan.

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