Equipment Financing & Leasing-Asset Based Lending

Different Services

National Advance group helps with Equipment Financing & leasing. it will help your business grow. It will help your business create more output.

Many people also take a different path in purchasing there equipment. This is another special service which is also offered at National advance Group. Many companies use our service called non-recourse invoice factoring. many people have told us how this creates financial stability. Only after they become financially secure through the service, did they use the increased cash flow to purchase equipment.

Which is Recommended? Equipment Financing and leasing or non-recourse invoice factoring?

National Advance Group thinks they both have there own benefits. Lets start with the benefits or equipment financing and and leasing. A major benefit to that is your output will increase due to the new equipment. This will increase the cash flow of the company. The non-recourse invoice factoring is similar but just about the opposite. This gives the company immediate increase to cash flows. Then, essentially the company can use the cash for equipment, inventory, paying suppliers or employee payrolls.

The Company needs to see how financially secure they are to make this choice. If the company prefers to have an increase in capital first before deciding to increase inventory, then it probably better to start with financing or leasing.

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