Best Construction Magazines

There are so many construction magazines, blogs and websites; it’s hard to find the best ones. At National Advance Group, we put together the top 5 best construction magazines for you to check out. Not only are these our choices, but also the most popular searches on the web.

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Without further ado, here are our top 5 choices:



Best Construction Magazines

The title says it all. Construction Today is a PROCORE Top 20 Influencer. Moreover, this gives them their prestige and user base.

In like manner, PROCORE itself is a cutting-edge company. Additionally, they make software for construction project management.

For the featured content, click here. CT updates their articles on a daily basis. The started as a magazine in the first place. In contrast, now you can find digital articles on their web page.

Above all, “technology, project funding, labor issues, liability, regulations and the environment,” are discussed topics (Construction Today – About Page).


Construction Equipment

On the other hand, Equipment World is an immense digital platform. Find the latest and greatest and all brands of construction equipment. Their headlines cover everything from cutting edge tech to environmental control. Some of their POP articles feature crazy videos. Equipment World is versatile and a haven for all heavy equipment.

Compare Equipment Using Their SPEC GUIDE.

While you visit their site, you can sign up for their print magazine for FREE (at your doorstep each month). SUBSCRIBE!

In addition, Equipment World offers outreach programs to construction firms. Reach a wider audience with their media kit.

“With a recipient base of more than 200K, Equipment World allows your advertising to reach deeply into the heavy construction and road building markets. The brand operates through many effective platforms ensuring you reach your audience however they consume our content (Randall Reilly).”

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